Dead To The System

by Blood For Betrayal

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released December 12, 2015



all rights reserved


Blood For Betrayal Merzig, Germany

We as a hardcore band take the fight, as loud, strong and hard as we can.
We are DEAD TO A SYSTEM in which racism, sexism and money are leading right on top of the world power.

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Track Name: Cyber World
Trash words flowing out of their heads, like piss out of a dick
empty stupid lies searching the way of their useless brains
humiliation is the result of your cowardice
no sense, no reason, no listener, building crews just to let your bullshit seem bigger,
calling it “abc 123”, you should better call it “face-fuck community”

it’s hard to see you’ll never speak it out in front of me
your guts leave when you shutdown your PC
you may haven’t got it you will never be free you are a coward of thousands
who lost his life in the cyber world of today
hard to fucking say you’re a fucking slave
Cause all you’re able to is sitting writing clicking, instead of thinking talking or facing the fact that I’ve won when you’re starting to act

Screw you
God of all nerds, your actions never reach the goal, so pull the trigger in your mouth
and shoot
straight words right into your face, sucker, a message built up with all hate, which’s inside of me
sad cries will ruin your nights sucker, you’ll never be the same, after I am finished with you
Track Name: Scrapped
Braindeath, Faceless
I walk alone through this life I walk alone
Through suffer and pain heart in a chain, no more feelings in this constant falling rain
I’m a motherfucking sucker in world where is no love for another
mum told me just to keep the faith but instead I’ve just kept to bother
my own life meanwhile turned to stone, so cold my hope is gone like father
and it doesn’t seem like there will ever be again
a smile on my scarred face, love is a mask cause I’m fucking faceless
no smile on my depressed face, love is a mask cause I’m fucking faceless

how can I accept myself when all I see is tunnel-view, I’m color-blind and restless on a road without a sign that guides
abandoned like a dirty dog, I’ll be running ‘till my breath is out
searching for the way back home but there is just no way out
Destiny is crap out of a whole
My whole life abandoned me except my fucking soul
I was born at the bottom and my end will be there too
with a knife through my chest
I am free
Track Name: R.U.(I).N
First come first serve be fast don’t wait, you don’t need it but the price is low
so don’t waste your time, run addict run, to invest in your ruin
like society fucking want you to do
blinded by the commercial you’ve seen of something useless you don’t fucking need
you give your hardly earned money to some sellers who washed your brain to death
from the start, you see it everywhere you are, at home, on TV, on buildings in the streets
carved in the heads of all people

this is the end, we are dead, slaves to the money, puppets controlled to death
Buy buy buy, ‘till your money is out, till all credits limited and you can’t stop thinking about
this is the life of a slave you never wanted to be, like society fucking want you to do
Track Name: Dead To The System
Ruthless aggression, the weight of the world gathered in one fist, after my last breath superman punch in your face, get it?
Cowards, big-mouths, liars are no longer my business

with eyes set on my enemies, I’m moving on
everything is left behind, the life I lived, is a non-existent
blind sights from the left to the right
blind whispers are following me but I will not going to follow back
To this false light of hope, to this fake show of love
for them leaders, we’re machines, caught in the matrix of money-slavery
We built the matrix, the money slavery but listen, the same species who built it
can be the dead to the fucking system, we can be the doubt of it, infecting it with
the virus called solidarity, the integrity of humanity, melt together to one last unity
that will no longer follow any stupid rules you pray, because the slaves that you one owned
turn now to a force of disobey, masses of a dying breed, won’t stop ‘till your bodies bleed
never follow again, never ever never
Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me!